Our primary focus is public post secondary education (community college and university) in the fields of Computer Science, Information Technology, Computer Networking and Data Analysis.

We increase the capacity of career focused academic pathways in these fields by facilitating the development of authentic, industry-guided curriculum in emerging fields. We assemble and finance teams of collaborating faculty, and support them with guidance from leading industry experts. We also facilitate faculty professional development offering local on-site “train-the-trainer” sessions and Boston-based summer institute classes.

Please find below a portfolio of our most recent work. Each project page includes a brief overview and a library of downloadable resources. Should you have any questions, feedback, or input for us to consider, please reach out to the lead contributor listed therein.

Content in Context

This three day professional development workshop offers instruction in innovative and creative instructional techniques aimed at integrating the advancement of professional skills (teamwork, problem solving, critical thinking and communication) with conventional technical education.


Computational Thinking

Computational Thinking is a powerful strategy for understanding and solving problems in complex systems. A series of sixteen self-contained lesson units to assist with the introduction of concepts, methods and techniques are available for download.


Cyber Security

Computer Security, once a specialized field, is moving into the mainstream of programming. Following the education directives of the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security, a 2-year (60 credit) associate degree program focusing on Secure Computer Programming was constructed.


Exploring Computer Science

ECS is a yearlong course designed to teach the fundamental concepts and big ideas of computing and coding. The course draws on the curricular framework of the ACM’s Model Curriculum for K-12 Computer Science. We offer train-the-trainer professional development in this curriculum, and in certain cases graduate credit for participating faculty.

IT Problem Solving

IT Problem Solving is a year-long course (when offered to High School students) and a semester-long course (when offered to College students). The course provides students with hands-on experience in a wide range of applied problem solving techniques needed to become an IT Professional. We offer train-the-trainer professional development in this curriculum, and in certain cases graduate credit for participating faculty.


Summer Institute

Our Boston-based Summer Institute offers faculty professional development in emerging technologies though a series of week-long sessions. Community College faculty can take advantage of train-the-trainer sessions, gain experience with advanced software tools and platforms, and learn collaboratively with colleagues from across the country.


Computer Science Teacher Education

The University of Massachusetts Boston is nationally recognized as a model of excellence for urban public universities. BATEC is working with the College of Advancing and Professional Studies and the College of Education and Human Development to create opportunities for K-12 teachers to gain competence in the computing disciplines while gaining valuable credits to advance in their profession.