BATEC is the National Center of Excellence for Computing and Information Technologies. We are headquartered at the University of Massachusetts Boston and sponsored by the National Science Foundation ATE Program. Our academic partners are leading edge community colleges in the cities of Boston Chicago, Springfield (Ohio), Las Vegas, San Francisco and Fort Lauderdale.

Our name, BATEC, reflects our mission: “Broadening Advanced Technological Education Connections”. Simply said, we are dedicated to increasing both the capacity and the robustness of career-focused pathways in the fields of Computer Science, Information Technology, Computer Networking and Data Analysis.

Our research library of best practices, leading edge curriculum and professional development is available to public schools, colleges and universities.

Our Mission

Our primary focus is public post secondary education (community college and university) in the fields of Computer Science, Information Technology, Computer Networking and Data Analysis.

We increase the capacity of career focused academic pathways in these fields by facilitating the development of authentic, industry-guided curriculum in emerging fields. We assemble and finance teams of collaborating faculty, and support them with guidance from leading industry experts. You can measure benefits to students in terms of rising post-graduation employment rates.

We are also working on workforce development issues at the high school, community college, and four year levels. We design and implement programs which build awareness and increase interest in computing fields. We sponsor the placement of students in technical internships designed to be the first step in the career pathway.

But that’s not all. Our data-driven research reports are the basis for meaningful, thought-provoking dialogue between educators and industry professionals. Profiles describing prerequisite skills and technical competencies are documented for 21st century jobs. Economic forecasts and real time labor statistics are reported both nationally and regionally.

Our Culture

BATEC is not for everyone. We serve the Computer and Information Technology fields. Our culture attracts open minded faculty and industry dedicated to making a difference in the lives of ethnically diverse and economically challenged students’ lives.

We prize innovation in our programs. We draw on extensive partnerships to facilitate cross-sector collaborations and publish everything that we do, successful or not. We are always looking to invite others to join us.

Our History

BATEC began in 2003 as a regional endeavor operating in the Boston area. Our initial goal was to organize a collaborative community of educators. Our small team grew to include the University of Massachusetts Boston, eight independently managed community colleges and the Boston Public School system.

In 2011 our scope expanded to include the metro regions of San Francisco, Las Vegas and Chicago. The National Science Foundation has funded us through 2016; we intend to continue this work through subsequent grants and continue sponsorship.